We are a full-service production company hailing from the great Somerville, MA.  We are not a massive production factory.  We don’t create run-of-the-mill videos. Instead we focus on quality and creativity. Our tool belt is strapped with everything from advanced videography and editing to voice-talent, motion graphics, and animation.  Just let us know what you want to see, and we’ll get to work manifesting your vision. Everything is possible. Go ahead, try us.


I made this cartoon for the local Union United community group to help in their efforts to get a CBA in Union Square Somerville, MA (my neighborhood). If you are also a local please check out their website www.unionunitedsomerville.com to help out.

If you are not a local and would like to use this video for your own community please let me know (as I could customize the ending).


  1. Karen

    Alex made this video for our coalition and we love it! It perfectly explains what we are about and how communities are affected by development. It has already helped us get lots of attention on social media and with groups across the country doing similar work!

Quite proud of this little series of bumpers that were delivered on a rush timeline.  Luckily I was given enough creative freedom to express the styles in the way I saw fit. Fonts, colors, movements and the environments.

It’s always an interesting challenge to build creative, entertaining media within the bounds of hyper-scientific messaging. In this case the solution formula was to infuse a polyethylene-glycol molecule with microscopic telescoping promotional material.


Blueconic.com was a fantastic client to work with. They were extremely flexible and after filming our interview with the CCO of the Boston Globe they let me and my great assistant DP Steve Onderick film our hearts out of the Globe building, whirring presses and all.

I’m lucky enough to have The New England Journal of Medicine as a repeat client! Here’s the second white-board video they had me do for their latest Career Center app that helps recruiters find great doctors! Illustrations by the great Gabriel Polonsky.

I work part time as an instructor at the American Graphics Institute in Woburn, MA, where I teach Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere classes that range from beginner to advanced.  I also often customize classes for individuals or large groups.  To learn more visit www.agitraining.com


Thanks to my friends Nicole Louise and Jason Cohen (who put on the festival) I was given the opportunity to be on the media team for the beautiful Unifier Festival.  Minus a few seconds, all the footage was shot by me and I edited it all together to the gorgeous songs of “Who are” by the Soil and the Sun, and “Dusted Compass” by Phutureprimitive.  Enjoy!


  1. Jason Cohen-Unifier Festival Producer and Artistic Director

    Alex, thanks so much. You did an amazing job with this video and with the audio as well. You have a great eye for subtlety. It's a pleasure working with you.

Definitely one of the most visually beautiful card-games I’ve seen, and equally beautiful game-play design.

My video reel for Zebbler and his amazing tree video projections at the Unifier Festival in June 2014, Lebanon, CT.

A whiteboard “explainer” promo animation produced for the New England Journal of Medicine’s awesome new medical-learning app. The illustration work was done by the great Kendrah Smith.  Everything else including the voice, is me 🙂

Fantastic client, such a breeze to work with.  They allowed me the opportunity to handle the entire projects from conception and pre-production, to animation and voiceover/sfx.  www.app-garden.com


  1. Tammy Cook

    Thanks for your hard work on this Alex – you did an absolutely amazing job. The great thing was how you took ownership of the project from the beginning and developed the script and had the messaging nailed from the beginning. Thanks for being so flexible and creative and great to work wtih! Tammy Cook – Cook Consulting (app-garden.com)

  2. Kedaar Kumar

    Really nice work! And a cool app, as well! I'm going to suggest it to some teacher friends of mine. Thanks!

Very proud of this little piece.  Its a logo animation fused with a custom AE animation template to be used for multiple locations.  Produced everything including sound design.

Hard to think of a more fun event to film, or a more fun adventure race for kids!

Awesome client to work with, proud of the result, and hope to see it bring Wild Tacker to youth everywhere.  Enjoy!

My favorite part about Buildium is that they always request special effects! This was made for their 2013 edition.

I was hired by a genius young app designer to make this promo video for the app he was designing. Once again I was very pleased to be given the creative freedom to step outside of a few boxes. One neat fact is that since the app was yet to be finished, all the UI you see on the ipad was animated in after effects and composited in later. 2D animation meets live action meets SPFX compositing = proud animator 🙂
The app was put on hold as the young developer was quickly snatched up by a SF startup.

Placester was my first animated explainer video client. They have been an awesome client for a number of reasons including:
1. They took the time to clarify what it was that they knew they wanted.
2. They gave me the creative freedom to offer up my own options for everything else.
3. They let me push the envelope and try new things.

Which is in my opinion why they have been a repeat client and why my work for them has been some of my best.

I produced everything here except what you hear (voiceover and music). This is what we call 2.5D animation, where the elements are flat but exist in a 3D world.


I told you Buildium rocked! Pun intended. Creative imagination often allows you to stand back and ponder the big picture; which in turn can lead to a greater understanding of modern issues, and how to solve them. Oh, and that soulful voice is my very own 🙂

I interviewed Noam Chomsky on Campaign Finance Reform for a client. Since hearing his responses, the client has not found use for the footage and so ownership of the video has returned to AweSpark Productions. I think he has some very awesome things to say. So I show you them here.  Enjoy!

A cute little video I did to promote Buildium’s new referral program.  Though it was indeed just a little job, I produced everything from the video screen-capture to the animation, motion graphics, and voiceover.

Through my awesome and reliable client V2Video I was hired to create a number of ads for products sold via the pet product company Petedge.com. I’m glad to have filmed a lot more dogs in my career than I expected to.

Awesome companies like Buildium don’t just upload any-old new features videos, they hire me to make really fun ones like this!

Only the b-roll footage and motion graphics were created by AweSpark, the rest was re-edited, color corrected, and enhanced to bring the overall look and quality of the video up to its maximum potential.

A wild music video I made for a man wild about peace and forgiveness.

Here is a collection of our recent work in which we filmed some talented heads talking. These pieces were produced solely by us, camerawork, sound, lights, background and post.  Enjoy!

I animated 3 explainer videos for Digital Reef but this one contains them all. This was produced in my simplest animation style, which many consider the most bang for buck. That’s my voice btw 🙂